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June 2014

Music trip to perform at the Southbank Centre, London

On Friday 6th June 2014, The Westwood Academy provided 7 talented KS3 musicians the fantastic opportunity to perform at the Southbank Centre in London.  This was through the NOFA’s Conductors for Change music project, which involved the pupils learning parts for an arrangement of Benjamin Britten’s ‘Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra’.  After working hard for several weeks to learn the parts, Westwood pupils came together with other participating schools in London and the Midlands to form a large orchestra which spent the day rehearsing and then performing in one of London’s prestigious venues.

One of the participating pupils, Jarvis White in year 8 said, “We travelled down to London where we were invited to take part in a big group performance.  It was a great pleasure taking part in this performance as it was a great opportunity that a guitarist and drummer would not normally get.  We thoroughly enjoyed the chance to play along side other instruments like the violin, trumpet and clarinet and it gave us an insight on the skill of the other musicians.  It was really good to be lead by professional conductors, and be in a rehearsal room facing the wonderful view along the river Themes.  I also got to do a guitar solo in the final performance!”

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